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White Widow xl


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White Widow xl


Countless varieties of cannabis has been developed and enjoyed by cannabis consumers all around the world. Among the thousands of strains available, there are a few that stand out of the crowd, constantly satisfying even the most picky connoisseurs. None is probably more famous than the classical White Widow XL. Though its heritage is now a mystery of a sort, one thing is 100% certain - the original White Widow, an all time legend, was definitely created in the Netherlands - right where Zambeza Seeds is located.

The first White Widow XL came out of the crossing of a beautiful Brazilian Sativa girl, pollinated by a specially brought Indica hybrid from the southern province of Indian peninsula. The plant genetics is a mix of White Widow and Ice. If legends are to be believed, the Indian Indica was itself an effect of long effort in the mountainous state of Kerala, that led to the creation of cannabis plant extremely rich in resin.

Feminised White Widow XL from Zambeza Seeds grows approximately 50-60 cm indoors, and close to 2 m outdoors. Though as every cannabis plant it requires lots of sunlight, it will do well even in the colder regions. Grown indoors it will yield on average between 35 and 45 g, bringing the crop from square meter kept under 600 w light to a decent 500 g. Harvests from the outdoor cultivation can reach 100 g even in the colder areas, if it is properly taken care of.

Our White Widow XL will be ready for harvest after 9 weeks of flowering. Due to little work required for it to grow nice tasty buds, it is a great choice for inexperienced growers, looking for their first strain to cultivate. Does pretty well in the SOG and ScrOG techniques.

The smoke contains average high levels of THC and CBD. One could clearly witness the White Widow XL Sativa character, as it provides a clear, though extremely stoning effect. The flavour of its smoke is a refreshing pine aroma at the beginning, slowly evolving into a scent of lemon. One of the favourites in the Zambeza Seeds catalogue - a position well deserved, given the strong head-high and subtle, fresh taste.




Flowering time 9 weeks
CBD Average High
Genetics White Widow x Ice
THC Average High
Effect Extreme stoned
Height 50-60 cm
Yield Medium

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