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Fruit Juice


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Fruit Juice


One of the most important characteristics of every marijuana plant is the quality of the smoke it produces. To achieve still more pleasant and exciting tastes, Zambeza Seeds has developed Fruit Juice - the sweetest variety ever to be found on the face of Earth. These Fruit Juice feminised seeds are especially recommended for those growers, who always seek new taste and aroma experiences.

The genetics comes from the cross of three classical cannabis strains: White Widow, Blueberry and Power Plant. Despite being a Sativa dominant strain, Fruit Juice stays very low, reaching just 50-60 cm if grown indoors. Outside, however, it could easily reach 2 m, if given enough sunlight.

The average Feminised Fruit Spirit cannabis plant will yield approximately 30-40 gram. Per square meter kept under a 600 W bulb that results up to 450 g. While flowering, it produces a single big top, without much stretching sideways, which might suit some growers. Seeing the icy, tight packed buds will make you salivate and wait impatiently for harvest time.

The flowering period, at just 7-8 weeks, is surprisingly short for a Sativa dominant strain. Making sure that the best of the flavour is being preserved, some additional care is necessary after the harvesting period. Before trimming or clipping we advise you to let your plant dry for 7 days. Dry trimming will guarantee that the unique flavour does not evaporate during the drying process.

The experience of smoking our Fruit Juice is beyond imagination. There is a big chance, that with its extremely sweet smoke and enjoyable mind high, this strain will become your favourite feminised cannabis variety. The extraordinary aroma that it produces during growing is even more striking and concentrated once prepared for smoking. With extremely high levels of THC and CBD, Fruit Juice is definitely one of the top varieties in Zambeza Seeds in terms of taste and aroma, leaving behind the sweet hint of blueberries.




Flowering time 7-8 weeks
CBD Extremely high
Genetics White Widow x Blueberry x Power Plant
THC Extremely High
Effect High
Height 50-60 cm
Yield Medium

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