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Ata Tundra

This F1 cannabis hybrid is one of the most interesting in our collection. Seedsman Ata Tundra is a cross of two pure lines coming from different geographic regions not very well-known in the cannabis world, namely Alaska and Kazakstan.
About Ata Tundra

One parent comes from Alaska, home of the famous Matanuska Thunderfuck. This line is pure indica and shows good resistance to frost thanks to its origin.

The other parent comes from Kazakhstan, a wide region that extends from north Afghanistan between Uzbekistan and Russia, neighbouring China in the east. This variety is similar to the Afghani Kush, with a citrus smell typical of the old Citral plants of Pakistan.

Growing Ata Tundra one can identify characteristics of both of the parent plants. Seedsman Ata Tundra hybrid is 100% indica. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation. It is Seedsman's quickest flowering strain; finishing in around 45 days or outdoors towards the end of September. Its optimum THC level is around 20%.

It produces large, lemon-scented compact buds. The hardiness of this plant coupled with its early maturation and ease of growth make it perfect for guerrilla cultivation techniques wherever.
Ata Tundra details:

* Cannabis Genetics: Alaskan Tundra x Kazakhstan
* Type: F1 hybrid, pure indica
* Flowering: 6 weeks or so
* Harvest: End September outdoors northern hemisphere
* THC: 19%
* Characteristics: Fast flowering and withstands the cold well



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Właśnie chciałam się wypowiedzieć w temacie tundry i taigi - ostatnich "nowości". Otóż postanowiłam spróbować taigi, a co mi tam...szybko dojdzie będzie o.k. Od 6 tygodni moja taiga (1 z 5 (jedna wogóle nie wykiełkowała) rośnie...nie pokazała tak naprawde płci (choć podobno feminizowana) i czekam....czytając w międzyczasie, że odmiany taiga i tundra coś nie wyszły (albo dutch passion dało ciała)....coś z nimi nie tak....

Spróbujcie zobaczycie sami

Pozdrowienia 8)

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