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AK 470 Auto


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AK 470 Auto


Extremely productive version of famous autoflowering AK47.
We called it AK 470 to express how good our AK 470 really is.
To create final generation we used only the best plants you could find at this planet.
There is no place for compromise.
We had to be shure that our AK470 delight everyone.
And it is!
Ladies, and gentleman, I give you the AK 470 Auto - really best Auto AK seeds available on the market!
High productivity, fast yield and taste loved by everyone.
Good quality and amount of yield is main reason why you should choose our AK 470 Auto.
Effect is very strong, with euphoric and happy high combined with light hint of indicas chillout.




Grow: Indoor / Outdoor

Genetics: AK-47 / Ruderalis

Harvest Time: 75 days (from seed)

Height: 80-100 cm

Yield: 70-140 g / plant

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