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How to grow cannabis to collect medical marijuana

Hemp cannabis forums with the topics "how to grow cannabis?", "What cannabis cultivation equipment?", "What type of hemp seed to choose?" e.t.c.


  1. How to start growing cannabis? Basics of hemp cultivation

    Forum on the beginning of cannabis cultivation, hemp seed germination, hemp seedlings and vegetation period, topics such as "what soil for growing hemp?", "What fertilizers for growing hemp?", "How to grow hemp seeds?" e.t.c.

  2. In door - cultivation of hemp in a cultivation tent

    Forum on cannabis cultivation in a cultivation tent, grow cannabis growing, cultivation of cannabis in a closed room, topics like "how to grow cannabis under the lamp?", "What photoperiod for hemp?" e.t.c.

  3. Out door - cultivation of hemp under the sun

    A forum about growing cannabis outdoors under the sun, growing cannabis in a greenhouse, topics like "how to prepare the soil outside for hemp?", "How to grow cannabis outside?" e.t.c.

  4. Marijuana harvest from cannabis plants

    Forum on the end of cannabis cultivation, when cannabis harvest, cannabis drying methods, topics like "when to cut cannabis?", "How to cut cannabis?", "How to dry marijuana?" e.t.c.

  5. Problems with cannabis plant? Diseases and pests

    Forum about problems with cannabis cultivation, diseases, hemp fertilization, plant pests, topics like "my plant is sick", "yellow leaves of hemp", etc.

  6. Cannabis cloning, plant training and breeding

    Forum on cannabis cloning, various methods of hemp training, hemp seed production, topics like "how to clone cannabis?", "How to train cannabis?", "How to make cannabis seeds?" e.t.c.

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