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White Cheese


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White Cheese


One of the most influential input of the British growers into the global pot of cannabis genetics is the creation of Cheese. Stemming from the original Skunk, it was bred by the committed group of growers from London. The time they have spent on developing the strain resulted in the birth of probably the most stinky skunk ever, hence the name - Cheese.

Shortly afterwards, Cheese went international, winning Cannabis Cup and quickly becoming a legend of its own, with its genetic spreading all across the world. When it arrived at the Zambeza Seeds, we have put some additional effort in by crossing Cheese with the classics: Super Skunk and Afghani. The cross-bred gave birth to the feminised White Cheese.

Indoors, feminised White Cheese stays low at 50-60cm - it is outdoors that it will fully stretch, reaching over 2,5 m in full sun. With dynamic and strong growth comes thirst - make sure you provide the plant with enough water. What is also worth taking care of is the strong scent that White Cheese produces during growth. Outdoors you can be sure it could be scented from a distant. Indoors, professional carbon filters eliminating the smell are definitely a must.

Kept indoors it will average 45-55 g per plant, that is 450-550 g under 600W light per square meter. If weather permits, it will grow high and yield even higher - over 250 g per single bush.

The flowering period for our feminised White Cheese is approximately 7-8 weeks, during which the smoke gets its strong taste and aroma. Leaving it to flower a bit longer can make it slightly stronger, at the cost of eliminating some of the specific flavour. Some trial and error will make you decide on the best harvest time according to your preferences.

The smoke from White Cheese is average rich in THC and CBD and is honestly great. First thing that draws the attention of connoisseurs is its strong, characteristic flavour. Shortly after filling your lungs with the smoke, you will inevitably notice the second reason for the Cheese reputation. Our feminised White Cheese produces a strong high and will keep you stoned, surrounded by the smelly, cheesy fumes.




Flowering time 7-8 weeks
CBD Average High
Genetics Cheese x Super Skunk x Afghani
THC Average High
Effect Stoned & High
Height 50-60 cm
Yield Large

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