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Bojkot AN - współwłaściciel Advanced Nutrients Ltd oskrżony o pedofilie. (ang.)


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Eugene "Gino" Yordanov is a well-known international drug smuggler, multimillionaire, Order of St. Michael's knight, and now, apparently a child rapist.

Eugene is also one of the three co-owners of Advanced Nutrients Ltd., along with Michael "Big Mike" Straumietis and Robert C. Higgins.


In May of 2013, Eugene Yordanov was accused with strong evidence in Bulgaria of taking a little 7 year old girl, the daughter of a friend (Ms. Velislava Veleva) of Eugene’s and Michael’s, to a deserted area and penetrating her anus with his fingers, causing a 1 centimeter long tear inside the little girl’s anal canal, and then making her fondle his penis and perform fellatio on him, while taking pictures with his phone and then showing the pictures to his friends.

Eugene was arrested in Bulgaria after the accusations surfaced, and held for the maximum time allowed under Bulgarian law: 72 hours. After he was released from police custody he was placed under house arrest to await trial. 

Bulgarian magistrates from the appellate panel of the Sofia City Court (SCC) wrote in their official statement that Eugene was kept in custody for the full 72 hours, and then placed under house arrest because “of the evidence - testimony of 7 witnesses, 2 forensic experts, minutes of inspection, search and seizure - it can be inferred that Yordanov committed the act.” 

While awaiting trial under house arrest Eugene is trying to wage a media campaign to defame his accusers, a child rape victim and her mother (a Boarder police officer at Sofia airport, Bulgaria), and, he’s trying to cover up the accusations through his connections as a knight in the country's Order of St. Michael, as well using as his political and financial ties in Bulgaria.

Please, help spread the word to help ensure the accused pedophile rapist stands to face justice. And, join the Advanced Nutrients Ltd. boycott! Tell anyone you know that uses Advanced Nutrients Ltd. products about this call to boycott, and tell any stores or wholesalers that carry Advanced Nutrients Ltd. products about this call the boycott.

By boycotting Advanced Nutrients Ltd. products we can take a very a personal a stand against child rapists! If the law cannot catch Eugene "Gino" Yordanov, at least we can stop helping him by not giving him our money. 


Take a stand against child rape by boycotting Advanced Nutrients Ltd.!

Całość: https://www.change.org/petitions/boycott-advanced-nutrients-ltd-to-fight-child-rape


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