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THC Pills!


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THC łączy się z tłuszczami, czyli dobry przepis + [kapsułki] = THC pills ? ;d Dobrze myśle?





Hey peeps, these home made THC pills, are better than home made apple pie! And easier to make too.

I will tell ya in advance, eating ganja is not the same as smoking it, so try to be careful with this, it is much stronger than smoking it.
For some odd reason, it seems much stronger than brownies too.

Before I post this, let me set it straight, that this is FredFarted's recipe.
The link to his recipe is located here, the following post is mine though, following his recipe. This is merely a re-post.

Items you'll need in advance:
Extra virgin coconut oil (I've provided a link for that)
crock pot and a casserole dish
size 00 Gelatin Capsules (I bought 500 for like $7 bucks)
a children’s liquid medicine dispenser (looks like a syringe, without the needle)

Okay, so my EVCO finally arrived, and boy did I ever buy too much! 
Oh well, I'll never have to re-order. hehe
(EVCO= Organic extra virgin coconut oil)

Now before I started, I re-read the directions and followed them.....best I can.

I got everything I'll need lined up:

This is where I had a problem with Freds directions, he wanted me to use 7 grams of the EVCO to 1.5 grams of bud.

Am I really suppose to measure the bud and the EVCO I thought to myself? And to use 7 grams of oil for every 1.5 grams of bud? 


Hmmmmmm I thought, than I did like any good red blooded american and tossed a tablespoon or so of EVCO into the pot:


Than I tossed in a couple handfuls of bud into the grinder:

Than I turned it on:

Than I ended up with this:

Which is now cooking:
You cook it on low for about two hours, than suck up the oil into your children’s liquid medicine dispenser and start filling your capsules.

All said and done, I ended up with 63 capsules! Not a bad haul at all.

Now I can't wait for morning to come, screw the coffee, I have the ultimate wake up call waiting on me.


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Hmm ciągle mnie korciło żeby zadać pytanie czy zjedzenie na surowo topasa by coś przyniosło. Jakoś nigdy o tym nie przeczytałem. Dodam że czasami zdarzało mi się "podjadać" ze sztuki kawałek topka :P (raz po takim czymś normalnie poczułem że baka nasączona jakąś orążadką w proszku czy ki ch**)

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Guest Dembowy

Owszem, zjedzenie topasa by coś przyniosło, ostatnio mojego ziomka trzepali i połknął po prostu samarę i za kilka godzin miał chill :D

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