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  1. Hi @sanaka , Thanks for your compliment :)
  2. The Ecoshot Energy Shot gives you a burst of energy with a blend of antioxidants to give you a complete and balanced natural kick of energy. The Ecoshot Energy shot contains 25mg of CBD, providing only 5 calories per shot, and contains a blend of L-carnitine, L-arginine, taurine, D-ribose, N-acetyl, L-tyrosine, anhydrous, caffeine, and other essential vitamins. The Ecoshot Relax Shot will help soothe and calm your mind and body after a long day. The Ecoshot relax is made with 25mg of CBD per shot, only 5 calories, and a blend of GABA, kava, L-theanine, and other essential vitamins.
  3. Hemp oil also contains Omega-3 and Omega-3 fatty acids which serve as the essential building blocks of skin’s surface layers, helping to create a smoother, younger-looking, healthier complexion. If you are looking for any cosmetic products then you may use hemp or cannabis skincare products. Thanks CBD Vape Genius
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