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  1. Witam, wkrótce przetłumaczę cały tekst, puki co dla tych co znają angielski Grow report Cannalopehaze/Biotabs Fertilizer Hello everybody my name is Barry Bio. I have been growing organic for some time now. It is so much fun to do I recommend it to every one! And I would like to share my recently started, little grow. Lately been having such nice organic results, that I just had to make a grow report. Also making records of your grow, makes it even more fun to do and you actually know what you did last time, so you won't screw it up next time. It is even more fun when you have a set up, that needs little maintenance. Off course for a kick ass grow to succeed you need a proper set up. So what I learned in the past don't be close fisted when it comes to buy equipment, it will pay for its self you just have to be patient. As is with growing So what I did in this room: First I made a wooden construction around the window, to make sure no light will escape when you are opening/ working in the tent. And I made hole to connect the tube that is extracting the smelly air. Also to make sure that the air you just filtered, not goes back in to the room and gets filtered again or else eventually this will lead to smelly situations, I found that out the hard way, with police knocking on my door. It takes a bit of time to set up, but in the long run, it takes away a lot of worries. Then I cut pieces of wood to put the tent on, so the tent will not be directly on the floor. And the pots not will be cold. When you are growing organic with lots of care, you want to be sure that your soil life is not catching any cold. Because microorganism and bacteria don't thrive in cold conditions. Set up: Tent: Darkbox 1.50x.150.2.00 Filter: Canfilter Extractor: MDF box 500 M3 Air: SMS controller Light: Gavita 1000 Watt E-serie+ El2 Master Controller (handy little computer) Watering: Autopot System + airdome Fertilizer: Biotabs Organic fertilizers Setting up: When this al was done I could start setting up the tent luckily that's quickly done. Afterward hang up the Filter connect it to the MDF box that is connected to the hole made in the wooden frame. Connect the MDF box to the SMS controller and you are ready to set the temp to your likings. Then it is time to hang up the light easy peesy. The people at Gavita made sure the master controller is idiot proof, so it is very easy to install. Just plug and play. Setting up the autopot is a pretty easy job as well, this will be the first time I will use the autopot system together with the Airedome, That is a little blue dome shaped piece of plastic that will feed air to the roots, Roots thrive when they are fed with air. So I thought let's give it a try; BIG ROOTS BIG FRUITS! Biotabs. Why the Biotabs is such a good organic product: It is copying mother nature in a pot, and who knows better than Mother nature? Biotabs is an organic fertilizer that uses bacteria and microorganisms that work together with the plant. A symbiosis has started between: plant, roots, bacteria and micro-organisms. All working together to make sure you get the fattest/ smelliest/ healthy plants. Setting up the Biotabs, is a easy and fun thing to do. We start with 50 Liter of Bio soil(al soils will work) then we add 50 liter of Perlite as well to make the soil more airy (roots love it!) This makes a total of 100 liter Soil-Perlite mix. This enough to fill 7,5 pots of 15 liter. Then we add the Startex 200 Gram mix it through the soil The Startrex is a really concentrated compost that contains high levels of humus/ bacteria's. With this product you will bring your soil to live. And it is a fine powder that is quickly available for the plant, that means that it is directly working for your plant. And makes sure that other bacteria are available for the plant that normally would stay in the ground unused. The bacteria convert organic material in to nutrients. Then we add the Mycotrex 50 grams mix it with the soil The Mycotrex is a very interesting product that not much companies are selling. The mycotrex exist out of a blend of 9 different mycorrhiza spores specially selected for the growing off our beloved plant. The Mycotrex is a kind off root stimulator, but not your ordinary root stimulator! It works with spores quite similar as the ones we know from the Champion mushroom. Only these spores live under ground, and when they germinate, they will start growing, feeding themselves with dead organic materials in the soil, When they grow the will search for roots, when the mycorrhiza spores have found the root they will attached to each other. And the mycorrhiza will pass nutrients to the roots as well and keep on growing. So then you have got a double root system going on: A root system of the normal roots and a system of the mycorrhiza fungi. Again: BIG ROOTS BIG FRUITS! As organic grower I like to add more organic materials, I also add 200 gram of me insect meal as a fast available fertilizer. And I also add 100 grams of Bat Guano for better taste of the buds. Then you soil looks like this: Give it a good mix, and you are ready to fill the pots. Fill the pots, and in the plant hole add a bit of extra Mycotrex. Put in the plant, and next to it push in the Biotabs The Biotabs is made off only organic material such as Stone meal, bone meal, blood powder and many more things. When the tab is in the soil, every time you water you plants the tab will dilute slowly giving nutrients to the whole soil life. Throughout the whole grow. Just one time a water solution of Orgatrex and Bactrex Orgatrex is a sort of sugar molasses that feeds the soil life. The Bactrex is a powder that is filled with trichoderma fungi and soil bacteria, The fungi protect the roots from diseases. The bacteria convert organic material in to nutrients. And BAM!! You have got a sweet garden Filled with CannalopeHaze: In this Photo the plant are 3,5 week old in total. They have been in the 15 Liter pot for 1 week now. and I left the light on 24/24 and the temp on a nice 26.6, Due to the master controller it stays that way. And I am going to start to bend them down co create more main Cola's. And I have topped the plant. And I am going to spray them with Boom Boom Spray This is a spray filled with Amino acids and nitrogen, to make sure you plant stay healthy and green. Your plant will experience an explosive grow every time you use it. Here are the plants Sprayed with Boom Boom Spray. And I am going to start putting the light on 18/24 hours. So I am going to need a heater for the cold nights. Hope you like it so far. This is it for now, soon I will post an update with how the Lady's are doing. Keep on Growing!
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